The Women in Dynamics Movement

The Event

When? Friday 30th June, 8.45am – 12pm

Where? Stanley Buildings, Kings Cross, N1C 4AG (Just 15 seconds from Kings Cross Station)

Agenda and Speakers

8.45am – 9.30am: Breakfast & networking

9.30am – 9.45am: Introductions

9.45am – 10am: ‘Balance & diversity = successful projects’ Michelle Maden (Hitachi)

10am – 10.15am: ‘My career journey’ Vanessa Kyte (MSFT)

10.15am – 10.45am: Break

10.45am – 11am: How I became a CIO’ Viv McNab (MSFT)

11am – 11.15am: ‘Confidence & career success’ Daryn Edgar (PwC)

11.15am – 12pm: Panel discussion & questions

Places are limited, so be sure to secure your seat and RSVP to:


T: 0203 587 7739


The Movement

Having a truly diverse environment drives better quality and more creative solutions to everyday business issues and ultimately, the capacity to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

Diversity is integral to the future success of any company or project – whether this be gender, culture, age or sexuality. And, this is a problem that is getting worse in the tech community, with only a quarter of workers being women, down from a third in 2002.

How is it affecting Microsoft Dynamics?

With the proliferation of Microsoft Dynamics and its attractiveness to businesses of all sizes and sectors, the work and cultural environments have become highly diverse too. As a result, the talent pool and leadership required to bring out the trans-formative potential of the technology, requires an evolution in our thinking and approach.

This is an invitation to both men and women – to help yourself, your organisation and others, to transform their mindset and thinking, and build an environment that flourishes due to it’s diversity.


How do organisations begin to transform their mindset in order to truly transform their business?

– What obstacles are common across most sectors, and which issues are most prevalent in the Microsoft Dynamics space?

– What barriers are you personally challenged with, and what have others, within the community, done to overcome these?

RSVP to Megan Roffey:


T: 0203 587 7739