What makes a good Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Manager?

Project management is something of an art form, and therefore finding a Project Manager who can hone their skills to match the needs of a Dynamics AX project is a must for any enterprise. Dynamics AX is but a tool in the hands of an organisation: it needs to be wielded correctly in order to to return results.

If you are on the look-out for a great Dynamics AX Project Manager, but don’t know where to start, here are some key traits you should be looking for and factors you need to take into account.

1.  Thinking global

If you run a global enterprise, then you need a Dynamics AX project manager who thinks global too. Coming up with processes and systems that fit different office cultures is more difficult than it might seem, so you need a project manager who is willing to do a little hand-holding, broker compromises and find the correct path for your entire organisation to walk down together.

2.  Getting the message out

Communication is perhaps the most important factor in any implementation project (and any project overall). Therefore you need a manager who can clearly state what they want, and inspire others who get behind them and follow their lead. A great project manager does not just manage and communicate downwards: they need to communicate upwards and convince everyone from the stakeholders to the least important underlings why changes are needed and why their path is the path to success.

3.  Being certified

Project managers are all about workflows, processes and organisation: it is therefore important that they know all there is to know in their field and that they are operant in the best formal methodologies. Having formal knowledge of these project management systems should give your chosen project manager a massive advantage when it comes to ERP.

4.  Having the correct experience

Great project managers don’t just start projects, they finish them—and that is actually an unfortunately overlooked factor when it comes to choosing project managers. You want to see real experience of taking a project from initiation to completion, otherwise you simply will not know if your project manager has what it takes to oversee your Dynamic AX project at each and every step.

5.  Knowing the product

As noted on the infographic bellow, your project manager does not need to know the ins and outs of the ERP product. What they do need however is to have at least some basic knowledge in order to spot where inefficiencies and problems might creep in. If your project manager has implemented an ERP system previously, they will be in prime position to ready their existing knowledge and gear it towards your Dynamic AX project.


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