How demand for Security Cleared professionals is impacting the Microsoft space.

19 December by Cognitive Group

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The demand for Security Cleared professionals from clients implementing Microsoft technologies and carrying out transformation programmes is ever increasing. However, as is widely documented, the UK is currently facing a shortage of technical skills, so with the unique requirements of Security Check (SC) or Developed Vetting (DV) cleared roles, the challenge to attract and hire suitable professionals is even further amplified. We take a look at some of the hiring challenges, growth statistics and an overview of the types of organisations that are hiring these in demand roles... Could this be how you set your self apart from the crowds?


Hidden Hiring

Due to the often sensitive nature of SC cleared roles or organisations hiring for these roles, recruiters aren't always given permission to advertise the skills or experience needed - the same goes for candidates highlighting relevant skillsets - which makes the process of sourcing even more difficult.

High Demand

Despite "hidden hiring" methods, we have managed to pull together a snapshot of the market, which shows a huge growth in demand for SC cleared professionals over the last year. Continue reading to find out more...

Market Demand: The Stats

  • 24,000 - the number of job posts in the last year citing SC Clearance^

  • 16% - increase of job postings citing SC Clearance in the last year*

  • 11th - most in demand IT skill in the UK for contract jobs is SC cleared*


Top technology skill growth among professionals with SC clearance.*

  • +12% - Microsoft Azure

  • +10% - Amazon Web Services


Most sort after Job Titles^

  • 13% - Developers

  • 11% - Architects

^Source: LinkedIn, data taken over the last 12 months

*Source: IT Jobs Watch, data taken over the last 6 months



Government departments are naturally the biggest employers of security cleared IT professionals in the UK. And with the pandemic, many government lead IT transformation projects were brought forward, further adding to the need for SC cleared professionals in this industry.


Within the private sector, financial institutions are more commonly known for requesting SC clearance, however, we are also seeing an increase among other industries that previously may not have required clearance, but now expect Basic Check (BC) as a minimum or Security Check (SC) to work on sensitive projects. As the require for this includes those who need access to sensitive government assets, information or personnel info, the net is forever widening.


How long does your clearance last for?

12 months from the last day you have worked in a position with SC clearance. i.e., if you have 3 years left on your clearance but you haven't used it within a 12 month period, you lose it.

How long does it take to get?

According to the government website it is 6-weeks. However, we have heard instances where wait times for SC Clearance is up to 6-months, due to a backlog from the pandemic.

  • Accreditation Check (AC)

  • Counter Terrorist Check (CTC)

  • Security Check (SC)

  • Developed Vetting (DV)

If you are interested in finding out more about Security Cleared roles in the IT industry, or if you have SC clearance yourself and are looking to utilise this in a new role, get in touch today.

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