How not to approach a salary increase when looking for a new job in the Microsoft space

17 December by Cognitive Group


Why embellishing your salary could be a detrimental choice.

With so many people facing financial struggles at the moment and fearing even worse over the upcoming months, we are seeing an increasing amount of candidates withholding or embellishing their current salary/package rates when searching for a new role. The perception is this would increase their value. We absolutely get it and with rising energy bills and general living costs increase, we understand why it’s happening.

However, there's a difference between inflating your salary and keeping up with inflation, and here are some of the risks you may face if you don’t do it effectively.

  • Pricing yourself out of the running - Most organisations are currently battling through a time of salary inflation themselves due to skills demand, and they are already paying the top end (or above) of what they can afford for that skillset.*

  • Lack of progression - Inflating your salary at the start could mean no natural progression moving forward and you'll have to do a lot more to prove your worth and get a raise moving forward.

  • Higher Expectations - If successful, there may be unnecessary expectations placed on you from day one due to salary level, which you may or may not be able to keep up with. Is it worth the stress?

  • The butterfly effect - Market and general inflation of salaries internally often means less room to hire other essential roles. This could be detrimental to the organisation as a whole moving forward and halt potential future opportunities for you.

Ultimately, the recruiter is on your side - the best outcome for you, is the best outcome for them.

Let's get this straight… by no means should you shy away from a pay increase. In fact, we actively encourage it - especially when looking for a step up. But if you are honest about what you want and why you want it, a good recruiter will help guide you on realistic expectations; if they understand your skillsets and know the market as well as they should, they can fight for what you deserve.

For a deeper dive on this, read our article on why you should choose a specialist recruiter in the Dynamics space.

​*Which roles in the Microsoft space have has a salary increases over the last 6 months?

Source: ITJobsWatch December 2022

Median salary growth over the past 12 months

General Microsoft Dynamics 365 salaries increased by 4%

Top role increase:

  • D365 Architect +18%

  • D365 Consultant +8%

General Microsoft Azure salaries increased by 8%

Top role increases:

  • Azure Engineer +10%

  • Azure DevOps +10%

General Power Platform salaries increased by 7.5%

Top increases:

  • Power Platform Engineer +19%

  • Power Platform Developer +9%

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