​A Transformative Conversation: Exploring Diversity in Tech with Cognitive Group and Hitachi Solutions

03 July by Laura Cogger

Exploring Diversity in Technology

Welcome to our enlightening interview featuring two women who are passionate advocates for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. In this captivating conversation, Laura Cogger, Business Manager at Cognitive Group has the pleasure of talking to Yasmina Passeri, Senior Project Manager from Hitachi Solutions, a leading Microsoft Partner. Together, they delve into their personal journeys, shed light on the significance of this topic to themselves and the wider community, and provide actionable insights for businesses aiming to enhance diversity. Additionally, they share valuable advice for women aspiring to advance in the tech industry.

Why Diversity Matters: Insights for Businesses

Together, these two remarkable professionals shed light on why diversity matters in the tech industry. They explore the tangible benefits that diverse teams bring to organisations, including enhanced creativity, varied perspectives, and improved problem-solving capabilities. Through their discussion, they provide actionable insights for businesses looking to become more diverse and inclusive. From implementing inclusive hiring practices to fostering a culture of belonging, they offer practical steps that organisations can take to create an environment that embraces diversity and harnesses its transformative power.

Empowering Women: Advice for Aspiring Professionals

In this interview, our experts extend their guidance and support to aspiring women in the tech industry. Drawing from their own experiences, they offer advice on navigating career challenges, seizing growth opportunities, and overcoming gender biases. With inspiring anecdotes and practical tips, they empower women to take charge of their professional development and pave their way to success in the tech field.

Join the Movement

We invite you to join the movement toward a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. Explore this compelling interview and gain insights from Cognitive Group's recruiter and Hitachi Solutions' senior project manager as they share their personal stories, highlight the significance of diversity, and offer actionable advice for businesses and aspiring women alike.

Together, we can create a vibrant and inclusive tech community that embraces the strengths and talents of individuals from all backgrounds. Let's champion diversity, drive innovation, and forge a path toward a brighter future for the tech industry.

If you have any comments or would like to talk to us about Diversity in your own organisation, please get in touch: laura.cogger@cognitive-group.com

Laura Cogger - Embracing Diversity

Laura understands the transformative power of diversity within organisations. With a deep commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces, she has witnessed firsthand the positive impact that diverse teams can have on innovation, productivity, and overall success. During this interview, she shares her personal journey, highlighting the pivotal moments that sparked her passion for creating more equitable opportunities in the tech sector.



​Yasmina Passeri - Driving Transformation

Yasmina, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in driving transformational projects within the tech industry. Her experiences at the forefront of project management have revealed the significance of diversity in driving innovation and achieving business objectives. Throughout this conversation, she offers valuable insights from her personal journey, underscoring the importance of embracing yourself, alongside diversity and inclusion within organisations.


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