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Statement of Work

When would a Statement of Work (SoW) be the best option for you?

A statement of work ensures any contractor required to operate on an "outside" IR35 basis, has a robust commercial contract to measure and track performance against.

This would be a good option for you, if:
    • You have straightforward project requirements and you want to avoid IR35 risks

    • Cost, speed and flexibility are a priority but you still want high quality resources

    • You have had poor previous experience with consultancies and want to build out your own team

What are the benefits to you?
    • You have access to the whole talent pool, not just those pre-assigned to your project

    • It is outcome based with compensations agreed as such so you maintain a greater level of cost control and accountability

What factors should you consider when making this decision?
    • A statement of work is suited to projects that have limited or well understood requirements

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Why choose a SoW through Cognitive?

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Benefits of a Cognitive Statement of Work

Robust project management and good resource selection are the keys to successful delivery.  As resourcing is our bread and butter, our statements of work pay particular attention to selecting the core team, ensuring plans are agreed with effective controls in place.

What can you expect?
  • Access to a team built from our wide pool of trusted experts. You get full transparency regarding profiles and previous experience, plus, the right of veto.

  • Effective transfer of knowledge & skills is a key requirement for most clients, so we include it as a standard element of our SOW's.

  • Competitive relative to niche consultancies, but access to deeper resource pool. Significant discount to big name consultancies (up to 50%).

  • Detailed, collaborative scoping and planning upfront, with deliverables & milestones contractually agreed.

  • Independent progress tracking and regular reviews. Clear escalation paths and robust change controls.

  • Team compensation is based on achieving agreed outcomes.

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